Cause and effect: The case for cause marketing

Cause marketing can also be known as marketing for a purpose or marketing for non profits.

How is cause marketing different from normal ole’ everyday marketing? Well, the answer is… not too different.

The main difference is that you need to know you’re speaking to two different audiences. There is the beneficiary audience, the people or cause that actually benefits. As an example, you can look at Heshima Ministries. This site was written, designed, and built by B3 Advisors in Arlington, TX.

On the Heshima website, they are clearly speaking to the donor, and the call to action is to donate. There are other ways in which the donor could be involved as well. The donor could pray, donate, or go on a vision trip. This is an example of a donor-based message.

The Heshima site messaging follows the StoryBrand Messaging framework and was written by Mitch Alverson, who is a StoryBrand Certified Guide. You can read more about StoryBrand on the B3 Advisors blog here. That post goes into detail about what StoryBrand is, and how you can start using the framework.

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